Missing Them So Much

12524_800063560016811_2885080267451261807_n - Copy

Lovely room, 26 July 2015

11.43 am

Today today today… is…

Ya today are a bad Sunday morning. How I miss my old struggle friends so much on my town there is Jogja town. Almost one year we do not meet up anymore. Yeah, do you know how I feel so lonely here without them and all our dreams that we have planned together.

I am so lonely. Almost one year I have to leave what I had being love. In this year, my own friends and I should get it. It is too hurt actually to leave one of my dreams there is national research competition and my big dream as a student collage is a student exchange to Japan.

Although I am with my good friends in this new campus now, but I feel that no one with me because of our principle is difference. In addition, I find that my spirits to reach my dreams are decrease this year when I am without you my struggle friends.

I do miss much pass time when we were holding in the struggle and giving a spirit each other to reach our dreams. I am also missing when we were laugh together on the foolish chat. We also completed our weekend together to be travelling in our town. One of our memories I remember until now days that we were remembering each other to kept our pray and always have an effort to be istiqomah Muslim. It all is a sweetest memory my live that cannot be change by other things.

Do you know my best struggle friends that I am so missing this moment? I am missing you and all of about us. It is a really from my heart. One again I am so missing you so much :*

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