Second Semester Reflections

South Tangerang, August 29th 2015

22.36 am

Alhamdulillah, second semester will be end for about a month again. Yeah it means that I will have long holiday before I am graduating and going to my work for PKL (Program Kerja Lapangan). I will not be leaving my second semester like a trash. Whatever happens shall make a reflection for the next semester and the future.

In case waiting for this semester results, I think that my second semester IP (Indeks Prestasi) is littler than first semester. It makes me in a little trouble now although the result not gotten yet. Now I just can be waiting which a magic will come to me. May I just have a little possibility to be a winner and get a change to choose where I am PKL.

What are the errors which I have done in this semester????

  1. I didn’t focus on the studying in campus.
  2. I was thinking someone who should not be thought yet.
  3. Etc.

There are the biggest errors that I had done in the last time. I am so regret about it all and the other which I don’t state above.

What must I do for the next semester???

  1. I must focus on the studying in campus which I don’t think someone before I graduate from fourth diploma.
  2. I must be familiar with other people especially my instrumentation seniors.
  3. I must always remember which I have many dreams in my campus and after I graduate from fourth diploma.
  4. I must not sleep when the lecturer give me a lesson.
  5. I must active in my class whatever happens.
  6. I must improve my skills.
  7. I must be praying more than now and always keep istiqomah.

What is my biggest target for the next semester until the graduation???

Haha I will not write here, because it is my secret. Just wait for the final so I WILL PROVE IT. Bismillah I WILL DO THE BEST AND TRUSH WITH MYSELF THAT I CAN REACH MY DREAMS 😉


Correct me if I my English wrong, thanks ^^

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