Get much motivation on EHEF 2015

2015-11-02 22.25.57

South Tangerang, October 2nd, 2015

10.28 pm

Yesterday October 1st, 2015 I attended to the education fair called EHEF (European Higher Education Fair) that has been held in Balai Kartini Jakarta. It was second time to me to attend education fair like that. Actually I knew this fair for about one month ago but I was forgetful when EHEF would be held. So the last midnight I opened again the poster and do you know how I was shock when seen the last venue is yesterday. OMG because of the important event, I should attend this fair and quickly I registered on EHEF website.

For about 08.30 am I leaved my home with my friend called Hesti. We didn’t go together because of our home is so far away but met on Sudirman Station was the best way. After we arrived on Sudirman Station then we were looking for the Metro Bus around. There were we to be early enough for waiting the Metro Bus so we made a decision to go to the Trans Jakarta Halte. It needed much time to arrive on Balai Kartini because the bus had to go following Trans Jakarta’s rute. Long times on the bus made me so boring.

There had we arrived for about 12.30 am, then we were praying in mosque beside the education department building and made a little conversation with some student from Bogor Agricultural University met there. Then we continued to go to the fair.

In the hall of Balai Kartini did we register to enter the fair and we also got a little tote bag to bring some brochures I guess. Firstly we went to the scholarship seminar although the seminar had been held for about two hours ago but I got much information especially some scholarships which I want such as Erasmus, Nuffic Neso, Poland, Sweden, etc. Actually I was having a wish to get much information about Germany scholarship either the DAAD scholarship or the one from university but I didn’t get both of that.

After getting the information of European education from the seminar then we go to the stands in the hall. In every stand had we absolutely made some questions for the informant about the scholarship, the master course studying in this major, the living cost, the applying process, etc. Not all stands had we visited but we just visited in that I want to study in its country such as Germany, UK, Netherland, Italy, French, Czech Republic although it is no matter for me to study wherever part of Uni European.

For about 05.00 pm Hesti and I returned to our home. We go to Cawang Station using Trans Jakarta and I arrived in my home at 07.00 pm.

This event makes me to be having more spirit to reach my own dreams. Yeah I do believe that I can get it. Actually I have planned since some years ago to study abroad. And several month studying about Instrument, I get an idea to get either an instrument major or an automation and control system major in my master. Europe is the best choice to study master and in general I have a big willing to study in Germany and Polland.

Why do I choose Germany? Absolutely Germany is the best country with its technology. I am also amaze with BJ Habibie since I was a child that is makes me how I like Germany so much. Not only that do I have some another reasons why I want to study in Germany.

Just do believe in God, I must reach it all.

EHEF 2017 > click here

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