First Year at Meteo Campus

IMG-20151017-WA0021 - Copy

South Tangerang, November 19th, 2015

02.55 pm

A little bit nostalgia with what happen past one year ago. Alhamdulillah Allah gives me a chance to study here. On the amazing campus for me, meteo campus, have been long times on my dream. And after the recruitment Alhamdulillah finally I passed the test. So being grateful to Allah who gives me second chance to be a part of BMKG. Thanks God.

About the struggles to be student here, I had been posting at this blog. Just check it if you want to know. And this posting I will be continue with a new story about my first year here.

One year ago at October 15th 2014, I leave my home town and my old campus in Jogja. It is hurt actually. I could not do anything because it was the best way my family and I guess. Every meeting always has a time which they will be separated because of a condition that they won’t.

In the early year here, actually I feel that it is so hard all time. I had ever been so regret and would be to go to back in my old campus. Not only that, I was also always telling stories in the early term here with my senior who he has same village and high school with me, at the same time crying loudly to throw the sadness feeling. Maybe because of the time which I did with all friends from my old campus, I couldn’t move on from the past and be adaptation with the new environment and situation here. Currently when I am remember all the times happened in the early term so I will be load of laugh all the time. Surely it was so funny I guess but I won’t repeat its all. Both of them have much plus and minus each other. So just take the plus and throw the minus, haha.

Now I am so proud to be part of BMKG. So many people want to be part of BMKG but they can’t join. So it is a big godsend from Allah to me, thanks a lot God. Someday later I have to go to PKL and it is too hurt to separate with all my friends. There are much moments which I have not to remember. Thanks for being my friends and giving me sweetest moment here. See yaa one year later :*


Ins 2B - Copy

Visit Bandung - Copy

Kumpul kontingen Jogja ke 3 (???)

addtexttophoto16-12-2015-10-56-47.jpgIMG-20150420-WA0039 - Copy


IMG_20150617_072549addtexttophoto16-12-2015-11-18-30.jpgIMG-20151026-WA0012 - Copy

addtexttophoto17-12-2015-9-14-25.jpgIMG-20141226-WA0009 - Copy


IMG-20150920-WA0015 - Copy



IMG-20150918-WA0036 - Copy

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