One of my ways

Mataram, July 17th 2016

11.08 WITA

Alhamdullillah finally I get something what I want since last years, yeah pasport. Acctually I had planned to make this since the beginning of my studying in college but I didn’t have many times to do so it was just being a plan. Now I have many extra times while I’m in holiday from my busy work. An extra struggle was needed to make this but I still stand to make this and must get it on this month, July.

It was begun on 1st July, the last productive day on that week before the long holiday of Eid. Never thingking that would be a long holiday in next week, 27th June I applied an online pasport at the web of Indonesian Imigration. The imigration office just gave me seven days to process the pasport since the day of applied. It means that I just have times till 3th July whereas I just two free day times, 28th June and 1st July, to process this pasport because of my job and two days closed the imigration office.

09.00 WITA 28th June, returning from my night duty in my meteorology office of airport I went to Imigration  processing my pasport application. There were the complete documents what I had brought except the authentic documents because it still far away in my home, Jogja. I thought it would be fine because I still bought an scan document. But the employee of imigration forbade me to process it without an authentic document or a legalize document so I had to send my authenthic or legalize document from Jogja to Lombok that needeed minimum two days arriving in Lombok. Okay I asked for my mother to send a legalize document that would have arrived 30th June. Waiting an legalize document that didn’t arrive yet till 31th was make me so confused.

09.00 WITA 1st July returning from my night duty (maksudnya dinas malam, bener ga ya englishnya? -_-‘ ) I came to Mataram JNE to take my legalize document from my mom. After long time waiting for the crowded queue with the limit times to go to Imigration finally I was called by the JNE employee and he stated that my document packet was transfered to my home accepted by Bik Haq (she is my neighbour’s assistant). Before I met her, I went to Imigration to ask about my problem and get an queue number but it was forbidden. There I was so confused because of a limit time just 10 minutes the imigration would be closed. Without many considerations I went to home and looked for Bik Haq or someone in this home yet I didn’t find someone there. Oh my God I didn’t know what I should do. About 1 minute was waiting for the closed imogration. I was give up whatever happen I still went to Imigration again and told to the Imigration employee about what happen. By many consideration with the head office finally they allowed me to process my pasport application.

Alhamdulillah God blessing me and making it easier than I though before. The employee was kind and friendly helping me to process my application with the fastest servis. Thanks God for everything 🙂

Finishing the process I asked when I could take my pasport. The employee said that it could be taken four days after Eid holidays. The Eid day was on 6th July so I thought that it could be taken in 11th July. When I took my pasport on 11th July actually it wasn’t finished yet. They mean that four days was counting since productive days in 11th July so I could take it on 14th July. Because of my job I took my pasport at 15th July 2016.

Alhamdulillah finally since 15th July 2016 I have a valuable thing that is a pasport with many struggles to get it. Bismillah hoped it will be one of my ways to get what I dreamed to study abroad yeah on my target I can go abroad at least end of this year. Just praying and struggling to get it, God always with us, bismillah..


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