Increasing of the Gold Price in 5 Years

Every people need an investment which can be used whenever they need. Some of the investments are things having an increasing price every year without be influenced by the world dollar price. One of the best investment belongs to people is gold which always have an increasing price. The following paragraphs describe the graphic of 5 years gold price in IDR/g.

Based on the year of 2009 till 2013, the graphic above shows that in every year the gold price is always increase. It shows that the lowest price in 2009 is about 250.000 IDR/g till 300.000 IDR/g cheaper than in 2013 about 500.000 IDR/g till 600.000 IDR/g. The highest average of the gold price increasing occurs on 2009 and 2012 which the graphic has the high increasing level.

On the top of the graphic shown the highest gold price is 551.363,67 IDR/g and the lowest gold price is 228.177,45 IDR/g. Totally the percentage of the gold price increment in 5 years can be calculated which the increment is 89,35 %.

Overall the conclusion of the graphic is that the gold price will always increase every year. You should have more money to buy gold in the next years as an investment or whatever you want.


By Aprilia Erlita

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