Appreciate Yourself

South Tangerang, June 1st 2016

10.10 am

After some weeks I am so busy with my activities, now it is the best time to charge my energy and my brain by giving an appreciate for myself. For me giving an appreciation to our self is the most important thing making us more spirit doing the next activity in our live.

Giving an appreciation is not about only giving money or luxury things. A freedom to go to a new place or doing something like reading and writing blog are the best appreciation given by me to myself making me more relax. Yes it is so simple actually yet it is too enough to me to face the middle exam on the next week and the research competition insyaAllah.

Overall in this few times I writing a little post as an appreciation for my past tired activities, I just hope that it will return my spirit to do some next planning and hope God will always give me an easy and the best thing for what I still do this time.

Next project (after exam) InsyaAllah >>>>>> writing some post whatever I wanna write šŸ˜€ šŸ˜€

**This week I just wannatry to focus on my exam, bismillah

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