What is your view on cultures without borders in the globalized world?

Actually talk about culture without borders is covering wide enough content. It is not about tradition and art but also the people in the differences and the period.

First what about culture, I define as a tradition and or a heritage which done and had by a group of people in the specific region. It can be changed as far as the flow of time. Totally culture in some of region is reflecting how they live for doing something based on their environmental geographical condition. We can see that the Indonesian culture as lied in the equator and the Siberian culture located in the polar are so different. The first thing made it different is about the situation which the equator is so hot temperature and the polar is so cold. It makes that the tradition of the use of clothes and the building types are really different. But along the time with the easily communication and the modern technology there will be no borders between. Fortunately each culture in every region will evolve over the times.

In the general we know that culture every countries in the world is multiple diverse. Sometime each country also has a lot of different culture too. It gives a big pride to these countries which have so many different cultures as its country’s icon such us dance, tradition, costume, culinary, heritage place, etc. And it should be showed off to the world all how they proud to have.

For me borders are a rule that is had by every people in the world nothing face to the gender, age, culture, etc. Border is not always a written rule but sometimes it is invisible rules that have to we do. In these globalization millennia we know the high of technology assist us for accessing what we want. It makes no border between the country, region, and something what difficult to be found than before. By the technology it also makes us to explore other countries easily so it can be harnessed to show how our characteristic culture that we have and show how we proud to have it one.

Now days in the globalization era we know that the technology is growing so fast. Everyone as the use of the technology’s product such smartphone, computer, transportation are really being easier to catch and explore what they want just using it. They just in one time click then they can get they want. It is really harnessing actually for government or organization to do campaign and show off their cultures. There is no border to introducing it to make the culture will not extinct by the time.

For introducing their own culture without borders, in my opinion the government and organization can utilize the technology’s product clearly campaign in the social media be like instagram, facebook, website, etc. In this media which currently still is being used by societies will easily to boost the user known about their country’s culture. There can show in the best virtual access as a photograph and also a video. Not only that the government and organization as the administrator of this media can also give had the more information in the caption so the societies will be acquainted more about this cultures.

The national airlines as one of national transportation managed by government also can be the alternative system to introduce more about the national culture. By giving a special promos or discount to the traveler as a country’s visitor can be increasing amount of visitor. It can be solution to manage and introduce their culture to the whole world so the visitors can truly taste and feel how wonderful and adorable its culture. So by utilizing more the social media and transportation it will be truly increasing the culture to be known societies. There is the way to make culture without border because that borders is just the media to show and to go. And finally I really believe it will work well for introducing the culture to the whole world without borders.

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